Painting Bipolar Disorder

//Please note that I didn’t write this blog post. Please don’t give me credit for this post… even though is one of my favorite blogs. Go check out her posts for a few reasons:

  1. She is a literature teacher, so her grammar, metaphors, and overall writing style is on point (always something I will endorse).
  2. She has incredible insight on mental illness, specifically bipolar disorder.
  3. She understands humor… like she gets it, y’all. Finally, someone gets it.
  4. Speaking of “getting it,” she definitely conveys a lot that I wish I could say regarding my disorder, so instead of reading my failed attempts to type my feelings, read hers. She’s da homie, fam.


Behind These Hazel Eyes

“Try painting what a bipolar diagnosis feels like,” my therapist told me.

“It doesn’t work like that,” I explained.  “I paint, but I paint things.  Like, you know, pheasants or whatever.”

“Um, pheasants?”  Her pencil hovered over the notepad.

“Yeah, I painted a pheasant a while back because my husband likes outdoorsy stuff.  Anyway, I can look at a picture of a pheasant, put some paint on a canvas, and then say, ‘hey, that looks a lot like a pheasant.’  And I feel cool because I know I did it right, because it looks a lot like that picture of a pheasant.  I don’t do abstract stuff.”

“You could try abstract painting…give it a chance.  It could help.”

Now, if I would have actually followed my therapist’s advice and tried to abstractly paint what a bipolar diagnosis feels like, then I would have categorized this post as “Crazy Shit I’ve…

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