Married to the Gray

Today is a sunny day.

After a week

an entire week of rain

and clouds

and gray,

the sun has decided to come out.

Now, this is good news for anyone

who does not prefer rain over sun.

As the sunlight awoke me from my sleep

As the sunlight hits my skin

reminds me I’m alive

warms my cold face,

I’m reminded of the rain

grateful for the rain

no longer angry at the rain.

For it was the week-long of rain

and clouds

and gray

that made this day beautiful


 worth waking up for

I am well-acquainted with the rain.

I am well-versed in the clouds.

I am well-known by the gray.

You see,

I have seen more gray days than I do


I have felt the cold rain more than I have

the warm sun

This is why sunny days stop me

catch my attention

steal my heart

catch me up

carry me away,

I am married to the gray days,

But sunny days have stolen my heart.

It’s a twice-a-week affair

between me

and the sunny days.

It’s ironic, however, to watch




the opinions

of all my peers,

as they complain of this Tennessee weather.

“It’s too hot.”                      “It’s too cold.”

“It rains too much.”            “It’s too gray.”

“It’s not sunny enough.”    “It’s not warm enough.”

Oh, how they hate this bipolar weather.

But I’m learning that I am like this Tennessee weather.

Sometimes, I’m too gray

   too cold

   too rainy

not sunny enough

not warm enough

too gray

not sunny enough

can’t make up my mind…

Cold one day

warm the next

Sunny one day

cloudy the next

Snowing on Monday

everyone is swimming by Friday.

Can’t make up my mind

on how

I don’t want to feel.


So I’m having an affair with a sunny day

Because being married to gray days

isn’t enough for me

isn’t satisfying for me

isn’t fun anymore for me

is boring

is killing me.


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